Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fetishes You Didn't Know You Had

Sexual fetishes, clinically known as paraphilias, can make for some interesting sexual play. Most people don't even know they have a fetish. They are just seen as being freaky, or kinky but no, there is a name for that!

For instance, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! If you are turned on by the thought of being on camera or acting out your sexual play in front of others, you have Autagonistophilia.

Does your roll play consist of being robbed or held up? Don't Move! You could possibly have Chremastistophilia.

"I have been a bad girl Daddy. Will you punish me?" Dippoldism - Spanking

For you ladies who like bad boys and are turned on by their nature or cruel or outrageous crimes it's possible that you have Hybristophilia.

For the fellas with boobs on the brain, you have Mammaphilia also known as mammagynophilia and mastofact

If you can't get wet or get it up without being called a slut or a bitch, you just might have Narratophilia.

For those who like to fap it in front of the TV watching that favorate flick, you might have Pictophilia.

And if you and R. Kelly are distant cousins and pissing on someone turns you on (or being pissed on), when you call to schedule and appointment with the shrink, tell them that you think you have Urolagnia.

So when you are getting it on in that special way and you get ready to suck a toe in your mouth, think about it, there is probably a name for that.

Happy Humping

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