Saturday, September 5, 2009

No, You Won't Go Blind! - Masturbation

Beating your meat, Buttering Your Corn, Choking The Chicken, Holding Your Sausage Hostage, Pushing Your Button: No matter what you call it, masturbation is perfectly normal for both men and women. Masturbation should be the first step to finding you and what you are like sexually. If you don’t masturbate, you don’t know what parts of your body are your sexual trigger points, and it makes sex with a partner that much harder in terms of satisfaction.

Aside from some religious aspects that say that it is forbidden, you have to look at things realistically. If you don't masturbate, you most likely do not know what makes you feel good, thus not allowing you to communicate with your partner what turns you on and off. Exploring your body allows you to know what opens doors for you and sends you over the edge.

Well what is it? Masturbation is the act of sexual self-gratification - stimulation of your own genitals purely for pleasure. Masturbation is the primary way you will become acquainted with your body and what makes it feel good sexually. As such, it is almost a necessary part of growing up. If you don't masturbate, you will have much less knowledge of what makes you feel good during sexual activity. Then, when you begin to engage in sexual activity with a partner, you and your partner may initially have difficultly figuring out how your body likes to be touched in order to make the experience as wonderful as it could. This is significantly more important for ladies than it is men. Ladies achieve orgasm differently than guys do, and each girl is unique in the amount and type of stimulation required to achieve orgasm. You won't be able to communicate to your partner what he or she needs to do to get you off if you yourself do not know. Masturbation is the only way to figure this out.

There is no "wrong" way to masturbate. If it makes you feel good, and doesn't physically harm your body, then whatever you choose to use to help you get yourself off is perfectly fine. Some people are conventional when it comes to masturbation. Hands on and no toys. This is the best way to start so that you can really get in touch with yourself. Fellas, to avoid chaffing, please make sure you use some kind of lubricant. Some men go for lotion, it does not hurt to keep the penis extra moisturized, but sometimes, since it soaks into the skin, you may have to stop and reapply the lotion. Ladies, sometimes our own natural juices take a while to get moving. Aside from spit, some kind of lube is best to help things be as pleasurable as possible.

A good lube is Wet Together Couple's Lubricant. His warms, hers tingles. You can use them together or alone to get the perfect balance of excitement for you. If you want to go the extra mile for pleasurable excitement, there are a range of vagina's and dildos that you can incorporate into your pleasurable fun!

For the fellas of course, the end result of masturbation is likely to be an ejaculation of semen (busting a nut). So remember to have a towel or something nearby. Some people will have the urge to taste their own juices during or immediately after they masturbate. This too is normal. You can't expect someone to go down on you and taste you if you are not willing to taste yourself.

While this is normally a act for one, mutual masturbation is also normal. This can be a form of foreplay for partners to get to know what turns each other on also. Read your partners reaction. Ask them what they like or if it feels good. There is nothing wrong with it what so ever. Even if you watch each other masturbate, you can get cues as to what turns him and her on and incorporate it into your other sexual activities.

Masturbation is a perfectly healthy exercise, and helps you discover your own body. It also serves as a risk-free way to relieve sexual tension. There is no legitimate reason not to do it, so long as you're doing it safely and in private.

As always, Happy Humping - Even if it is just with yourself


  1. I'm doing it right now! For some reason, I've never really used any lubes, except for those special occasions.

  2. I think the point you made about tasting yourself is very good!! I think men are more close-minded to this than women, although I could certainly be wrong here. I will say that while discussing this with an ex, he said he would not mind doing that. One day, I was performing oral, he came and immediately pulled me up and kissed was one of the sexiest things EVER. If you want it in our mouths, you better be willing to give it a go.


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